911 Address Information

911 Address Information


Catoosa County is very fortunate to have enhanced E911. Enhanced E911 provides not only the phone number when a 911 call comes in but also a complete location address. For this to work properly a good address had to be provided. In 1994 when enhanced E911 was being considered over half the county was addressed with route and box numbers. Therefore, a readdressing project was a necessity. This project provides a street address for every dwelling in the county.


The Addressing Ordinance that had to be developed at this time specifically identifies the addressing process. It also explains that each house in the county should be marked with the address assigned to the structure. This enables emergency response to locate the house much quicker.


Catoosa County has so many long driveways, with multiple houses using it as access to their homes, it makes locating these homes in case of an emergency difficult. The method of turning these driveways into private drives makes locating these homes much easier.  A private drive is considered any driveway with three or more houses using the same driveway as access to their home. A private drive is recognized with a blue sign. These drives we try and let the residents name them. A private drive is established for location purposes only.


The County roads are recognized with a green sign. These roads are addressed the same as private drives using a universal addressing system favored across the country. The numbering of the houses is derived using linear feet, normally between driveways or doorways in the case of apartments or strip centers.


If you need a Catoosa County address for a new construction or mobile home, your first stop is the Building Inspection Dept., you will get a Building Permit Application. Then you will bring the application to the 911 Center at 875 Lafayette St. for the address. We do not assign addresses to vacant land unless you are putting animals on it and an address is needed for water. In this case you will need a clear entrance to the property. If an address is requested in a subdivision the address can be assigned that day. If you are requesting an address on property not in a developed subdivision there will possibly be a two-day period before the address can be assigned. Property not in a developed subdivision must be measured for the address.


If you have any questions about the addressing of the county please call the addressing department at 706-935-2323 Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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