Strategic Plan
Introduction: The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office Strategic Plan is designed to be an evolving document, constantly reviewed, updated, and brought into line with the desires of the community. It is a culmination of a series of exercises all designed to ensure that the vision, mission, and objectives of the agency are successfully achieved. The plan ensures that the elements within this document are understood, supported, and reflect the wishes of the community. An outgrowth of this process is the enhanced ability to effectively manage resources, provide accountability through measured results, and adjust to change. Successful planning requires the fortitude to change course when opportunities and community demands arise. Ultimately, it is the planning process itself that keeps the agency focused on what it wishes to accomplish and the best route to get there.This product consists of three interrelated exercises:


Citizen Survey: A community survey will be accomplished on an annual basis. The citizen survey results well demonstrated how the community rated the Sheriff’s Office in recommending need for improvement to excellent.


Internal Survey: This segment of the plan focuses upon the most defining element of an organization – the employees. This survey attempts to gain insight from employees about their recommendations and suggestions for improvement, to advance and ultimately determine what obstacles we face to achieve our goals.


Fiscal Planning: As diverse as ideas may be, funding will ultimately determine the level of services that the organization can provide. Innovation, the detection of grants and other funding mechanisms must be aggressively explored.

This document articulates the goals that the agency plans to accomplish over the next year. Most importantly, it is designed to be an overview for the agency as a whole, allowing us all to work together developing strategies and objectives that support the plan. In the most basic sense, it is the roadmap for our future.



At the core of the Strategic Plan are a variety of steps, all designed to assist the organization in keeping our eyes on the horizon. Each objective is discussed and a definition or an explanation of the objective is provided. A performance indicator will be articulated and defined, as will target dates by which we hope to accomplish the task. Most importantly, numerous strategies will be employed, all designed to ensure success.




Mission Statement

The mission of the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office is to provide the community a safe environment with professional quality police service through positive interaction with its citizens.

What we seek to do and to become is at the core of the mission statement. A mission statement also allows us to maintain direction, eliminate complacency, and remain focused on our goals.

The primary purpose (mission) of the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional law enforcement services. To attain this goal, the Agency enforces the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons. The Agency recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves. The Agency actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and to facilitate the maximum use of resources.

A. Protection of Life and Property

To provide services that contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property, and the safety of the community.

B. Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Criminal Activity

To prevent crime through aggressive patrol that limits the opportunity for a crime to occur, and through education of citizens that reduces the likelihood of them becoming victims.

To provide a thorough, appropriate and efficient investigation of criminal activities.

C. Apprehension of Offenders

To provide for the expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law, regardless of his status in the community, by thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigations.

D. Maintenance of Public Order

To maintain peace and public order. To assist during times of natural and technological occurrences or disasters.

E. Recovery of Property

To secure and maintain an inventory of all property, evidence, lost and recovered or stolen property being held by law enforcement agency; thereby ensuring that all property and evidence is available when needed.




The Sheriff’s Office objectives involve five separate divisions of operation which include Administration, Detective Division, Patrol Division, Jail Operations, and 911 Communications. Each of these operations have proposed goals for the current year.

Setting objectives for the Agency converts the mission of the organization into targets and performance milestones. They represent a commitment to producing specific results in a specified time frame.

•  Improve the quality of law enforcement services
•  Reduce the incidents of crime
•  Provide a safe, efficient traffic flow on the roadways of Catoosa County
•  Improve services for citizens
•  Implement new technology to improve service




ObjectiveTo improve the quality of law enforcement services.


Goal #1The Sheriff’s Office will participate in the Catoosa County School systems mentoring program to provide role models for the  young children in the elementary schools.

Strategy: At a minimum the Sheriff’s Office will assign an employee to an elementary school twice a month for one hour to have lunch with the children or throw a ball with them during recess in an effort to be a positive influence to at-risk children.  This is an effort to build a better relationship with our young people in hopes to break the cycle of crime that we are experiencing.

Goal #2: Build trust, relations and support with the community we serve by establishing a citizen’s police academy.

Strategy: Design, develop and implement a citizen’s police academy, also known as CPA, which engages the citizens of Catoosa County.  As the Sheriff’s Office strives for transparency in its operations, the citizen’s police academy provides a hands-on opportunity to educate the citizens on the operations of the Sheriff’s Office while obtaining valuable feedback from the citizens to enhance law enforcement and community relations.

Goal #3: Improve intelligence sharing, joint operations and collaboration against gang violence/crimes by entering the Chattanooga area gang enforcement (CAGE) agreement.

Strategy: Over the past year, gang activity has been discovered in our county as a result of “tagging”.  Combating gang graffiti or “tagging” is an important and constant effort that the Sheriff’s Office undertakes.  Tagging is commonly used by gangs to mark their turf, as well as issue and answer challenges to rival gangs.  Its prompt removal is one way of reducing gang problems and lowering their visibility.

Goal #4: Establish formal supervisory training for all Sheriff’s Office supervisors.

Strategy: The agency training officer, along with the Sheriff’s Office command staff, will establish formal supervisory training requirements for all supervisory positions within the agency.  Not only would this produce better educated supervisors for the officers of the agency and citizens of Catoosa County, it would also reduce liability.




Objective: To reduce incidents of crime and increase recovery and clearance rate of crimes investigated in Catoosa County.


Goal #1: The Sheriff’s Office will begin to use social media to share crime information and illicit information from the citizens about specific crimes. We will also use this to post crime tips and other information relevant to law enforcemnet and the citizens of Catoosa County.

StrategyThe Criminal Investigations Division will begin communicating with the citizens by utilizing social media (Facebook).  This will enable the Sheriff’s office to reach a greater number of individuals at a faster pace.  Citizens will be able to inform the Sheriff’s Office of information on crimes that are highlighted and help identify suspects of criminal activity.

Goal #2: The Sheriff’s Office will increase specialized training targeting issues faced by the criminal investigations division.

StrategyUtilizing certified instructors within the division and outside resources, the administration will seek to provide training on cutting edge methods and technology in the field of crime investigations to better equip the criminal investigations division.

Goal #3To utilize saturated crime supression tactics to apprehend and deter the criminal element in recognized high crime areas.

Strategy: The criminal investigations division will utilize crime analysis to identify areas with high criminal activity.  When these areas are identified, the criminal investigations division, with assisance from the uniform patrol division, will saturate the area to combat criminal activity and obtain intelligence information.  These activities may include but are not limited to:  license checkpoints, warrant service, traffic patrol, door to door intelligence gathering.

Goal #4: To develop a more defined Neighborhood Watch program and maintain a data base of contacts for each Neighborhood Watch for information sharing.

Strategy:  The Criminal Investigations Division will develop a more defined Neighborhood Watch program in an effort to elicit more information from citizens and to be able to share more information on criminal activity happening in a particular area.  A data base of contacts will be maintained by the Criminal Investigations Division with at least three contacts for each Neighborhood Watch and will periodically confirm the information given.




ObjectiveTo reduce crime and increase traffic safety through education and enforcement efforts to provide a safe community for our citizens.


Goal #1Reduce vehicular traffic accidents and increase traffic safety on Catoosa County roadways through education and enforcement.

StrategyThe traffic units will focus on enforcing all traffic laws on the roads and highways of Catoosa County with emphasis on locations historically identified as problematic in an effort to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities.  This unit will conduct proactive speed/DUI reduction throughout the county, speed enforcement in and around school zones and hold child safety checks/educational events throughout Catoosa County.

Goal #2: Effectively improve officer’s response to critical incidents within Catoosa County.

StrategyPlan, train, use and assess incident response, mitigation, and recovery efforts during and after an unusual occurrence and /or tactical response.  This would include basic and continuing education for first responders and supervisors in the use of the National Incident Management Systems and Incident Command.  Training would include, but not be limited to:  NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800, IS-813 and Emergency Support Functions (ESF-813).

Goal #3Fill vacant CHAMPS instructor position within the agency.

StrategyThe new School Resource Officer will attend the 80-hour CHAMPS instructor school taught by the Georgia Sheriff’s Association this summer.    

Goal #4Develop a plan for implementing a career development program for officers within the Sheriff’s Office.

Strategy:  The agency training officer along with the Sheriff’s Office command staff shall define the requirements and career path for each assignment/position within the patrol division.  Not only would this produce a well-educated officer for the citizens of Catoosa County but it would also reduce liability.




ObjectiveTo improve safety, training and technology within the Detention Facility.


Goal #1: Installation of an electronic “Smart Deposit” in the lobby of the Detention Facility.

StrategyThe “Smart Deposit” is used to take deposits from the inmate’s friends and family without having to wait. It will be conveniently located in the lobby and available for use at any time of the day or night.  This will decrease the workload on staff and the number of people having to handle money.

Goal #2Issuance of debit cards instead of checks to inmates released from custody.

Strategy: This program is available through our current vendor and will reduce the need for waiting on authorized staff to sign checks.  These debit cards can be used like any other debit card or ATM machines.

Goal #3:  Installation and implementation of video visitation.

Strategy:  We are working with our current vendors to install video visitation capability in each cell block and in the visitation room.  This will eliminate the need for inmates to be moved for visitation.  Friends and family can either come to the detention facility or they can log in from a computer at home to visit with inmates housed in the detention facility.  Video visitation will be monitored by staff for any inappropriate actions.

Goal #4: Implement and provide training on updated policy manual and post orders.

Strategy: The detention policy manual has recently been updated and will be presented to detention employees and training on the revisions will be scheduled.  Also, POST orders are being developed for each of the post assignments in the detention facility and training will be scheduled for them as well.




Objective: To implement dispatch guidelines to improve the efficiency of information sharing and dispatch prcedures and to increase the amount of data available for the communications officer.  Continue to reduce liability and increase professionalism through training and certification.


Goal #1: Implement and provide training on new policy and procedure manual for the communications center.

StrategyThe communications policy manual has recently been developed and is in its final approval process.  Once approved, training will be provided to each employee on the new guidelines.

Goal #2Continue to work on integrating the GIS map with the current computer aided dispatch system.

StrategyWe will continue to compare addresses from the current CAD system with GIS maps and physically verify any that are in question.  This has been a bigger undertaking than originally anticipated but should be completed by the end of 2013.

Goal #3: Provide division specific training for communications officers.

Strategy: We will continue to strive to train efficient and professional communication officers by providing training specific to their task.  We will continue to advance our APCO certifications in all aspects of the communication field.



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